Customs Consultative Committee Appreciates ANLCA Leaders for Peaceful Election

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*Congratulates new executive, sets agenda…
By Francis Ugwoke

The Customs Consultative Committee on Sunday appreciated the leaders of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) over the peaceful conduct of the election that produced new officers.
In a press statement, the Secretary of the Committee, Dr Eugene Nweke, said all ANLCA leaders worked hard for the success of the just concluded election by obeying the Abuja peace accord.
Nweke praised the former NECOM of ANLCA led by Dr Kayode Farinto for being on the path of peace, while also congratulating the newly elected NECOM of ANLCA.

He reminded the new leadership that it was now time to perform.

According to the Committee, it was now time to “heal old and new wounds, restore back professional Integrity and above all show prompt leadership capacity”.

He said, “like the saying goes that, “to who much is given much is expected”, your members have on this remarkable date entrusted their professional destiny into your care, for exemplary, proactive and quality leadership representation in the next four years.

“The task ahead of you is enormous especially in the face of a dwindling professional fortunes and a sector characterised by challenges, often promoted by human barrier elements.

“The Customs Consultative Committee wishes to reiterate that, it is time to move forward and recover lost grounds, we wish you all a successful, action and achievements packed tenure.”

To the leaders of ANLCA who made the peaceful election possible, he said:
“On the 7th of September 2023 the CCC/ANLCA Peace Accord Resolutions Implementation Process reached its climax following the election, declaration of winners and swearing in to offices the newly elected National Executive Officers Of ANLCA.
This feat was collectively achieved by all concerned.

“You all contributed during the cross fertilisation of ideas resulting to a Peace Accord Resolutions and then signed and abided by the Peace Accord Resolutions Implementation Process, all through to its climax yesterday.

“In the face of seeming provocations, you still remained focused to the larger picture, which is a greater, peaceful and prosperous ANLCA.

“Judging from our mediation experiences, the Customs Consultative Committee – CCC wishes to express that, the CCC/ANLCA PEACE ACCORD RESOLUTIONS IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS has proven that, it is good to inhabit a system in which words are capable of shaking the entire structure of government, where words can prove mightier than ten military divisions, mostly so, knowing that the broad masses of the people can be moved only by the power of speech.

“The Customs Consultative Committee posits these expressions to caution leaders against the use of words in leadership. Negative application of words and acts led into crisis, positive application of words and acts brought out from crisis, a lesson should be learned against a repeat, going forward.

“On this note, the Customs Consultative Committee wishes to specially appreciate the out gone NECOM for trusting our capacity to deliver, hence their cooperation. They dutifully obeyed and complied with the Peace Accord Resolutions Implementation Process.

“Same goes for the Board Of Trustees. Truly, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”, you have shown leadership and without mincing words sacrificed like true leaders to achieve this feat. ANLCA PEACE AND PROGRESS IS AT THE CENTRE OF IT ALL.

“To the Chairman, Association Electoral Committee – ASECO and his team, you have set forth a milestone electoral records.
Without compromise of the ANLCA Supreme Constitution 2013, you were able to deliver a good election with a sense of urgency and fairness. YOUR RESOLUTE DOGGEDNESS is highly commendable.

‘Also, the Sole Administrator and his support staff did commendable well. As a child of necessity in the whole implementation process, your contributions did not go unnoticed. Thank you all.

“To Kayfar PCC and ENSO Team, after the political intrigues and manoeuvres, both of you exhibited the highest decorum in politics, by congratulating each other and extending hands of friendship towards the other. This you did thinking of the big picture of ANLCA in mind. To this extent, ANLCA PEACE actual WON.

“To All of you we say a Big Thank You.
“Indeed, coming this far together has not been a mean feat but a manifestation of the obvious, which is that, with team work and understanding the Freight Forwarders can actually restore its Professional glory and take back its rightful role as a critical link and nucleus driver of the International trade and security, and value adding supply chain”.


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