Angry Mob Arrest, Detain LASTMA Vehicle for Breaking Man’s Leg Pursuing Erring Motorist


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Crowd at the scene
By Francis Ugwoke
An angry mob in Lagos Island on Friday attacked officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) for breaking the leg of an innocent passer-by in an accident while pursuing a commercial bus driver over traffic offence.
The LASTMA officials had in the accident at unknown point but within the Lagos Island ran into the young man and broke his leg.
The incident occurred at about 7.30 am when the danfo driver was said to have committed a traffic offence and did not want to stop as demanded by the LASTMA officials.
The traffic officers on duty had in turn decided to pursue the bus and accidentally hit the passer-by.
Angered by this development, some passengers and passers-by insisted that the accident victim should be taken to hospital.
Luck ran out for the LASTMA officials as the mob succeeded in blocking them at Okeanri market, Lagos Island, where they were about climbing the bridge with the erring bus.
The mob, including some of the passengers, bus drivers, market women and other traders, touts collecting tolls at the market on blocking the movement of the two vehicles, insisted that the LASTMA officials should take the injured young man to the hospital for treatment.
The LASTMA officials who were shaken by the presence of the crowd later agreed to do this after over one hour of pressure by the mob who were ready to go on rampage.
However, to ensure that the injured received good medical treatment, the mob decided to detain the LASTMA vehicle and the bus they were pursuing and insisted that they will be released only after satisfactory treatment of the victim.
The tyres of the LASTMA vehicle were deflated by the mob, while they awaited report about a satisfactory treatment of the injured.
The incident attracted a lot of other LASTMA officials and police officers later who however awaited patiently for those who went to hospital to return.

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