IMO: 10 Ships Shortlisted as Possible Origin of Oil Spill in Isreal

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WMN..A total of ten vessels have been found to have been in the vicinity of the possible original position of the massive oil spill in Israel, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) said.
These are the findings from the satellite imagery and Authentication Information System (AIS) data, provided by the EMSA Maritime Support Service.
The names of the ships have not been disclosed as investigation into the case continues.
Meanwhile, Minerva Marine denied its tanker Minerva Helen was involved in the incident, stressing the ship had not been involved in any operation nor in any other activity ‘that could be connected to an oil discharge at sea.’
“Minerva Helen is well maintained without any structural or other defects that could cause an oil pollution incident,” the shipowner further stressed.
Furthermore, the ship was subjected to an inspection on February 22 by the Spanish Port State Control Authorities in Cartagena which, according to Minerva, found that the vessel had no deficiencies and was in a satisfactory maintenance and operational condition…reports World Maritime News.


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