New LNG-Electric Hybrid Vessel Introduced in Port of Gothenburg


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(Fleetmon) A new vessel named the “Auto Achieve” has been introduced at Gothenburg by UECC, offering short sea shipping services. The ship was christened on 16th November at the port of Gothenburg. The vessel will call on the port of Gothenburg every week after entering service.
The vessel is almost 170 meters long and it will have the capacity to transport 3,600 cars on its ten decks. The vessel will also be able to transport other kinds of heavier vehicles and project cargo.
The Auto Achieve is powered by a Hybrid of LNG and battery power. This reduces emissions not only by improving operational efficiency but also by peak shaving. The vessel is already compliant with IMO’s 2030 target of achieving a 40% reduction in carbon intensity.
UECC states that the vessel achieves a CO2 reduction of 25%, SOX and particulate matter emissions by 90%, and NOX emissions by 85% from the use of LNG. The vessel is also compatible with other low-carbon fuels such as bio-LNG and synthetic fuels.
The new vessel will join a service that UECC started in April 2022. This particular service was started to transport vehicles and other rolling cargo and reaches the port of Gothenburg every week.
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