Nine Trapped Inside Container While Hunting For Drugs in Rotterdam; Arrested

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(FleetMon) In a blizzard case, nine individuals were discovered suffering from respiratory issues after being trapped inside a container in Rotterdam in early September.
Although the duration of their stay in the container has been unknown, a spokeswoman for Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam claimed that the men broke in to retrieve a narcotics consignment. The container itself was packed with tree trunks.
According to local news agency RTV Rijmond, the emergency services were notified when individuals inside the container admitted to breathing difficulties. The group of men, aged 18 to 23, were examined by ambulance personnel before taking them into custody. The largest Dutch newspaper agency De Telegraaf reported that in September itself, 110 individuals were apprehended over 10 days while attempting to recover narcotics stashed in containers at the port of Rotterdam. On September 11 alone, the publication reported, 25 offenders were apprehended.
According to Port Police Chief Jan Janse, one common tactic employed by drug cartels is to drive a container filled with people into the port. The driver then dumps the container closest to where the narcotics are concealed, allowing them to pick up the drugs later.
“This is possible only because of the corrupted individuals working for transportation and port firms,’ he explained. Additionally, officials frequently discover containers stocked with food and sleeping spaces that gangs use to conceal themselves until they can retrieve the narcotics, Janse added.
Europol reports that criminal groups are abusing the port cities of Rotterdam, Hamburg, and especially Antwerp to bring cocaine to the Netherlands, where it is circulated all around Europe. This is because of the increased supply of cocaine, particularly from Colombia.
“The epicentre of Europe’s cocaine market has shifted northward,” Europol stated in a 27-page report co-authored with the UN’s Vienna-based drug and crime office (UNODC).
The rising adoption of containerized exports through the high-volume ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Hamburg has established the Netherlands’ position as a staging location for drug trafficking…reports FleetMon News.


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