Attraction to CRFFN Board Now Is POF, Direct Payment Into TSA, You Will See Disinterest, Says Olayiwora Shittu

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By Francis Ugwoke
The former President of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agent (ANLCA), Prince Olayiwora Shittu on Monday said that the current scramble by everyone to be elected into the Governing Board of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) was because of the expected revenue proceeds from the Ports Operating Fees (POF) that is being collected by the regulatory agency.
Shittu said that once the federal government takes a decision that the POF proceeds be paid direct into the Single Treasury Account (TSA), the freight forwarding association leaders will no longer show interest in the CRFFN election.
According to him, it was an “aberration for greedy association leaders to ride on the back of government to enrich themselves”.
He added, “let the Ministry of Transportation direct total POF collection to be paid to TSA and you will see a sudden disinterest in the CRFFN election”.
The leaders of association of freight forwarders have been at loggerheads with some freight forwarders over their decision to contest the election into the CRFFN board under independent candidacy provision.
This decision has angered the leaders of the associations who prefer sharing formula for the 15 positions in the Council.
The Ministry of Transportation had advised them to reconcile their positions, but this has remained a mirage as the independent candidates shunned the meeting called by the associations on Monday.


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