CRFFN Election: NAGAFF Threatens to Deregister Former Presidents Pushing for Independent Candidacy


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By Francis Ugwoke
The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has threatened to deregister all those who are currently pushing for single candidacy into the Governing Board of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria.

In a press statement on Sunday by the founder, Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, the association said that most of the concerned freight forwarders who are pushing for independent candidacy in the CRFFN board election were its products who should know better.

The statement added that NAGAFF was aware that they will soon return “back to base after concluding their assigned special duty. except they are no longer the children of god and part of the struggle to liberate freight forwarders of Nigeria from bondage Nagaff shall have no choice but to declare them sabotours”

“Accordingly Nagaff shall go ahead to deregister their membership and remove their photographs from the Nagaff hall of famers at the national hqrs . This simply means that they never existed in Nagaff as a member . The truth is that Nagaff is a movement and professionally distinct from any other freight forwarding or licensed customs clearing agents associations known at the Nigerian ports and borders . What drives Nagaff as a professional body are as following—– discipline, professional standards, education , skills and knowledge, leadership , rule of law , friendship and collaboration .
The fact remains that the federating associations under the canopy of Crffn consultative forum have taken position in accordance with the law to advise the Hon Minister of Transportation. The Hon Minister of Transportation may not be in a position to speak to individual members of the Council other than the consultative forum. It is a fact that section 5 (1/2) of Crffn Act speaks volume as to the powers of the Hon Minister of Transportation to give direction and character of the Council board administration having regard to the consultative forum position in any matter. it is a fact that crffn accredited five registered associations and its open to every individual and corporate members of the Council. Therefore under regulation it is compulsory for every individual or corporate members of the Council to belong to any of the registered associations of Crffn. This is the essence of regulation and control by Crffn over the freight forwarding practitioners”.

The association also pointed out that those being referred to as street orchins going for the election were “indeed young freight forwarders who are to be trained to acquire skills and knowledge through an approved institution of the Council”.

The statement added, “Nagaff is equally very much interested in them and we believe that the council shall continue to protect them”.

The association said the blackmail and trumped up assertions, inuendoes , disrespect to seniors and name calling from the concerned freight forwarders cannot win them any election in the Nigerian setting and Crffn election in particular.

The statement added, “what shall aid any interested individual to win election shall depend on one’s liquidity to fund the voters to become eligible to vote for a candidate of his or her choice. it simply means that if you do not have the money and or be in a position to influence a sponsor with capacity to help you all you needed is to shut up your mouth and get to do something else . This is because power is not given. Nobody can ever give you power under any guise else you are merely day dreaming. The fact remains that you must pick the nomination form for 500k , you must help your voter to clear his or her annual subscriptions of 60k and other incidentals. and so for you to be in competition you must at least have cleared a minimum of 500 voters”.


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