39 Nigerians Detained in Ghana Regain Freedom

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No fewer than 39 Nigerians detained in Ghana have been released following the intervention of the federal government.
The 39 Nigerians who were detained for entering Ghana illegally, will be repatriated, the Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission said Tuesday in its Twitter handle.
The Commission said the 39 Nigerians were arrested at Aflao border as they wanted to enter Ghana.
According to the Commission, Nigeria had appealed to Ghana Immigration not to prosecute them.
The Commission said, “About a month ago, the Nigerian mission in Ghana got a call on the arrest of six Nigerians who were caught at Aflao border trying to enter Ghana.
“The Nigerian consular team was dispatched by the High Commission to intervene immediately, and on getting there, they met with about 30 more Nigerians who were arrested for also trying to enter Ghana through illegal routes due to the border closure.”
“The officials agreed and allowed the team to get their details to secure approval from the appropriate authorities for them to be evacuated along with stranded Nigerians, as the Ghanaian immigration would not permit them to proceed into Ghana because of the border closure.”
The 39 Nigerians will be tested for COVID-19 before being evacuated to Nigeria.

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