Nigeria Imports 20.89bn Litres of Petrol in 2019

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Nigeria last year imported 20.89 billion litres of petrol in what represents the highest in six years.
The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in a report released Wednesday had in 2018 imported 20.14 billion litres which was the highest in five years.
In the statement, 6.24 billion litres being the highest went to the South West while the North East got 1.4 billion litres.
The report showed that 5.15 billion litres of diesel and 128.11 million litres of kerosene were imported in 2019.
The litres of diesel imported in 2018 was 4.23 billion litres and 4.27 billion litres in 2017, 4.6 billion litres in 2016.
The report showed that kerosene import has continued to decline in the past five years.
For instance, in 2014, 2.93 billion litres were imported, but 537.million litres four years later in 2018 while the figure for last year was 128.11 million litres.


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